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30 Sep 2011 Cleveland 0 Comment

While building costs are rising, there are ways to renovate that cut costs substantially. Here are some tips:

Hiring an architect who has experience in renovating can save thousands of dollars. They can often find economical ways, for example, to add space with a tight design. Rather than adding a living space, an architect might suggest moving a kitchen to expand the existing living space. Or they might open up the floor plan by opening the house to the outside and adding a deck to the exterior.
Another innovation is to abandon adding onto a building and to instead put up an independent structure. This avoids messing around with the original building altogether. You don’t have to worry about matching materials, the wiring etc.
Another tip is to always design to standard dimensions for materials. All materials, doors or windows that need custom cutting will add costs to the project. It’s best to design timber keeping in mind it comes in lengths measured in 300-millimetre increments.
An additional idea is to thoroughly document any plans. The more extensive the drawing, the more details provided, the less liklihood of a cost over run.
One economy measure to keep in mind as well as to minimise any demolitions. You can also shop for recycled materials including fittings.
Finally, you can even get pre-designed and pre-costed additions.
If you have a real estate need or question, feel free to contact me on 07 3286 1266 or call into our office cnr Middle & Doig Streets, Cleveland.

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