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30 Sep 2011 Cleveland 0 Comment

There are two factors to every sale. First, what do you, the seller want to recoup for your property? Secondly, what does the buyer want to pay?

Too often sellers consider only the first half of the equation and consequently, find themselves taking too long to sell, losing out on the initial momentum that new listings carry.

Like all markets, supply and demand will dictate the sale It all comes down to what the buyer is prepared to pay. Unfortunately, there is no fixed price for homes in real estate. Prices can vary like the weather.

And just like every seller wanting the highest possible price, so every buyer wants the lowest possible price. This means if a buyer can get the equivalent of your house for a better price elsewhere in the neighbourhood, they will go there instead.

This is not to say that sellers aren’t entitled to a good return on their investment. You just have to make sure that your price will attract a buyer. To make sure of this, a seller should do the same market research as would a buyer. This way you will know your competition and can more easily gauge the market and the right price.

As local agents in the area, we have a day-to-day knowledge of what’s happening in the market. If you would like a free appraisal of your property as well as an estimate of the price range at which it would sell, give me a ring on 07 3286 1266 or call into our office cnr Middle & Doig Streets, Cleveland.

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